We produce standard (5000mm x 2150mm) steel mesh in diameters between 4.5mm and 11mm according to the desired technique.

Production is available in accordance with Q-Type, R-Type and TR-Type project. In addition, we produce decorative fence mats and mesh mats. We have stock retail and bulk sales.

Separate the stock mats list and sections from the files on the right side of the page. You can also find a sample of the spot weld shear test document made in TSE 4559 and Onurta? Quality Test Laboratory.

Mechanical Properties of Wire Mesh Specified in TSE 4559:

Min. yield limit = 500 N / mm2 Min. tensile strength = 550 N / mm2 Min. elongation at break = 8%, 5% (TS 4559) Shear strength at joints: S = 0.30 x As x F x G

* G: Gravitational acceleration * F: Breaking Force * As: Surface Area? * S: Shear Force